GA Tech’s afro-rockin’ sister’hero visited my arts journalism class

My arts journalism students at Spelman College had the ultimate treat a few weeks ago when we opened our classroom doors to Raianna Brown, the activist, Georgia Tech dancer and student who took a knee and stole our hearts with her Afro and … nerve. Floyd Hall and Marlyncia Pierce of the Blklanta podcast interviewed Brown in a live podcast recording. They discussed Brown’s sold out dance showcase at Tech and why she took a knee.

Most compelling was hearing Brown talk about how proud her parents are of her. Her dad called her Angela Davis. Further, Brown has been instrumental in building the dance program at Georgia Tech and has much support.

For sure, the students were quite impressed and inspired by Brown and her team. Following the podcast recording, they exchanged information and took pictures.

I look forward to seeing more from the great dancer and GREAT mind.

See pictures below:

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