Fall 2017 Screenwriting I Course: Black Girl Gone

This fall, my screenwriting students will have an option to write scripts with a Black woman who is away from home as the protagonist. We will watch films by Ava Duvernay, Haile Gerima, Wanuri Kahiu, and Andrew Dosunmu. We will discuss the impact of travel, being gone and away on a person; how the impact is portrayed in film, and how images of Black women “away” is are depicted in film.

From the syllabus: “This semester, narrative focus will be placed on scripts featuring Black women navigating unfamiliar places and spaces, and how location impacts the protagonist’s focus, weaknesses, evolution and eventual epiphany. This course specifically aims to empower screenwriters, particularly those of color and women, with tools enabling them to record their often neglected and overlooked narratives in film.”

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