Mausiki Scales, DJ Naka and DJ Rasyrious came to speak to my students about “conscious” music

Mausiki Scales, DJ Naka and DJ Rasyrious meeting with students at Spelman College.

Each spring, I teach a section of composition focused on “conscious” Black art. We study the concept of consciousness in the Black community, what people mean when using the term and art that compels such definition, as it seeks to uplift the Black race.

During our music module last semester, I invited local artists Mausiki Scales (Common Ground), DJ Naka (Ear Dr and WRFG DJ) and DJ Rasyrious to speak to the students. Discussions included “conscious music” and its impact on the diaspora, Black music genius, music history and the future of Black music. Students were engaged as DJ Naka brought in his turntables and played beats for them to talk about how certain sounds create a mood. DJ Rasyrious spoke about being a woman in the music industry and how her work as a DJ allows her to connect with people and the community as a whole. Mausiki Scales, a music historian who lectures about music around Georgia, made it clear that there’s room for diversity in Black music.

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