Taking My Screenwriting Students to the Spelman Museum

img_2697Today, I took my screenwriting students to visit the “AFRICA FORECAST: Fashioning Contemporary Life” at the Spelman Museum to write five-minute character development shorts based in and inspired by works on display at the museum.

Assignment sheet:Location: Spelman Museum

Location: Spelman Museum

Time: One hour

Instructions: In pairs (or solo) select a piece(s) of art in the museum you would like to feature in a five-minute character development short set in the museum. Be sure to communicate your selection(s) with your peers, so you don’t have overlap.

After selecting your piece(s), sit before them (literally) and free-write the beginnings of your script–your working theme, plot, and descriptive narrative. You could also begin writing the script if you are so moved.

Notes: Recall our premise for the collection of shorts–groups (1-3) are visiting the museum at Spelman and through the shorts we experience how the works of art inspire, enlighten and/or further develop the characters. These will be internal, reflective plots where discussion provides the action. The characters may discuss the works of art. The may simply stand or sit before them as they discuss other issues that might be inspired by the work.

When we leave, save your work and prepare to continue to work on the piece. Due dates for workshop schedules to come.

Upload your drafts at the end of the writing session.

About the exhibit:

The Spelman College Museum of Fine Art is proud to announce AFRICA FORECAST: Fashioning Contemporary Life, an original exhibition that will launch its 20th anniversaryThe exhibition will position fashion through two overlapping perspectives: an ever-changing global marketplace and the unique ways that black women throughout the African Diaspora construct their lives. AFRICA FORECAST features work by black women artists and designers who shape, imagine, and redefine the impact of lifestyle in highly imaginative ways.

For the groundbreaking artists and designers in AFRICA FORECAST, style serves as endless inspiration for new approaches to dressing, social relationships, and activism. They stretch the boundaries of fashion’s influence in art and design, reflecting its ability to communicate complex social and cultural perspectives. As a result, the exhibition will encourage visitors to explore fashion’s changing shape in art and in their daily lives. AFRICA FORECAST will provide a dynamic snapshot of this global reflection on style through garments, photography, video, painting, and sculpture.

AFRICA FORECAST: Fashioning Contemporary Life is curated by Andrea Barnwell Brownlee, Ph.D. and Erika Dalya Massaquoi, Ph.D.

See pictures from the freewriting event below.

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