Under the Bali Moon coming next month!


Hard to believe I am publishing my eleventh novel next month! Lots of words shared with the world. My dream has already come true. I am so humbled by those of you who have supported through the years. Too many names to call them all out. It began with nurturing and support from Julia Reid Tracy Sherrod Fumi , Stacey Barney (my first believer), Rakia Clark and Mercedes Fernandez . Love you all. Shout out to my current agent Regina Brooks, who has so much patience with me and sees the vision

About the book:

Reunion in paradise  

Exotic Bali is the perfect place to stage a wedding. If ambitious attorney Zena Shaw has her way, it’ll also be the perfect place to prevent one. Zena loves her younger sister too much to watch her rush into a marriage she’ll later regret. But Zena’s mission hits an obstacle in the form of gorgeous Adan Douglass, the groom-to-be’s brother—and the man who once broke Zena’s heart.

Adan was just a college kid when he chose career ambition over love, but years later he regrets it. Now he’s hoping to persuade the beautiful workaholic to join him at their siblings’ union…and think about rekindling their own. From stunning beaches to magnificent temples, he’ll show her everything this lush island has to offer—and hope these magical nights are only the beginning of forever…

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